Where has the time gone?!?

Hard to believe that half the month is over and that March break is also almost finished again for another year.  My creativity has been in a slump, a bit.  Been busy knitting for the Soper Creek yarn shop yarn challenge and have finally finished my project.  We were given four colours of Cascade 220 wool and could only use those colours and that yarn, we could add more of the same yarn, which I did add 1 ball of the dark purple.  It was too big when I finished putting it all together, so I attempted to felt it, still not shrunk enough, so I boiled it, then dried it flat and finished it in the dryer, but the colours bled, so .... the white is now not so white, but not bad you can see the different shades and the stitches so that is what matters.  Now to get it into the shop before next Tues. for the voting :)  Here is a pic....


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