More SOURDOUGH information....

Hi again, I am getting more questions on sourdough and thought I would share a few more ideas or things that I use.

These are two of the three containers that I use to grow my starter in. I am beginning to think that I should name it after all, but still thinking. Both containers I have marked the cup marks on, to help me see when my dough is rising. I have two of the smaller ones that I rotate through when I feed my starter if I am just keeping it alive, once a week and store it in the refrigerator.  When I feed it I weigh my container and zero it out, add some of my starter and note how much I am using, usually at least 40 - 50 grams. I then add the exact same amount of water as starter, mix it up, then add the same amount of flour mix and cover to let grow.  Always feed your dough in a clean container. If you are not using it in the next day store in the refrigerator, or else feed and let rise to use later the same day or feed at night and use in the morning. It is best if you can use your starter when it has doubled and very active, lots of bubbles on top. Sometimes it can take only 4 - 6 hours, so keep watch.

This starter was fed @ 2 hours ago, it is growing but not to its prime yet, I would like twice as many bubbles to declare it active. You can see by the blue elastic on the container that it has only grown by half of what I started with, I put the elastic on after I have fed it to monitor growth. (first picture)
It is helpful to have containers that are easy to clean out and take the sticky starter out of, so straight sides no lips. My containers also have lids.
I know that a lot of the recipes for the lovely round loaves talk about using a dutch oven, I do not have one as yet and plan to use my one soup pot as recommended by one of my fellow sourdough bakers. Make sure your pots or pans are lined with parchment paper, it helps to get the bread out.
A lot of the recipes will call for using the discard, this is the starter that is not fed or active, I will collect it in the larger container and store it in the fridge until I am ready to use it. Today it is filled with active starter, though.

This is a list of the recipes I have tried with the blog/website found on: - sourdough pizza dough
                                - sourdough cinnamon crumb cake
                                - rustic sourdough bread
                                - sourdough pretzels
                                - sourdough cinnamon buns (great on Sunday mornings) - sourdough bread - sourdough foaccia bread with rosemary (I use garlic plus)
                                     - sourdough english muffins - oatmeal sourdough rolls (teenager approved)