Sour Dough!!!

Hi all, still knitting and occasionally playing with paper and ink, have jumped on the band wagon for one of the latest crazes............SOURDOUGH. Actually I got my start before all the craziness when my DIL Heidi Kift gave me some of her starter "Gertie" in late February. I have  not named my starter, not sure if that makes it happy or not but so far unnamed. 
I have had a few people asking about using sourdough so thought I would create a post on my sadly neglected blog with some info that I have gleaned. I also hope to keep updating with recipies used and more info as time goes on. There will still by my other hobbies as well, just need to remember to post here.

Using sourdough a few tips:

Clean your hands with flour and not water, it will clog your sink drain.
Have/Use a kitchen scale if you can.
Use containers that are easy to get your dough out of, it can be sticky.
Check out your local public library for books.

Websites and blogs that I have found helpful in no particular order:

King Arthur Flour this is one Heidi recommended

I love cooking great YouTube videos to walk you through the process and he is easy to listen to.

The Perfect loaf

The fresh loaf

The clever carrot this is one Heidi recommended

The Southern Lady Cooks

Home Joys

Little spoon farm

What's cooking America


Scotch and scones my focaccai bread I use garlic plus and my English muffins.

This is just the start, I have printed a lot of the recipes off and made up a binder.
Have fun and remember to share if you have found a good source of information or recipe.