Change in hobby focus....

I have not been doing much paper crafting of late, as some of you may have noticed. In the last 18 months my Mom and my Step-Dad have both died, it is taking me time.... There are a lot of pictures and memories to process, but time will help.  Our two sons moved out of our area this past summer, one driveable but very busy and the other we must fly to see or drive for a really long time, lol.
So what have I been doing to keep myself busy and sort of out of trouble....KNITTING!!!

My yarn stash as grown but so have my finished well as my WIP's. I have lost some weight and have frogged some sweaters to reknit to a better size for myself now.  On to my currently finished projects from this summer/fall so far.

My #nightshift shawl with the pattern from is my new comfy warm blanky that I can wear. The pattern was an easy knit that I used #Estelle yarns worsted, a Canadian yarn company is cozy soft. This is the project I am wearing the most right now to help ward off the fall chill.

 Another thing I love doing is Mystery Knit Alongs or MKAL, so I took part in the #Perfect Blend MKAL by @cassapinka. Each week we got another part of the pattern along with a recipe for tea and treats, lots of fun. I used a variety of yarns for this one.

Both the above projects were made with yarn purchased at @SoperCreekYarn in Bowmanville, currently moving to Orono!

I picked up a very fun yarn at @Yarnit in Cobourg and quickly cast on a cowl that was a very quick fast knit. It is cozy warm and goes with everything. The yarn is #Malibrigo Caracoal, have to find the colourway. It looks like stained glass. Just started knitting and made up my pattern.

 And last but not least but not getting worn much just yet but soon, my new toque and cowl with yarn from the trunk show at @Yarnit on my birthday weekend! The colourway is #Easternbluebirdf and I reused a pompom from one of my other toques. I had enough leftover yarn to make a quick cowl to match.