Dragonfly wings.....

A different post, KNITTING!!! I have been knitting for the last few years regularly and really enjoying it. Our local yarn shop hosts a knit nite every other week on Wednesdays, where we meet to knit,chat and meet new people! We also support a KIVA fund as part of our evenings. This new group of friends also has a private facebook page where we encourage each other in our knitting and lives. I am very thankful for this group of friends, they supply many laughs and much joy. A few of the younger mothers there are also getting creative outside of their comfort zones...one Amanda has started to dye her own yarn. She started with socks
Yup, they are pencil socks, how cool is this?? The yarn is self striping with stategically placed colour changes. Socks take me a l...o....n...g time to knit, such fine needles and yarn, but I am loving the effect. Starting the heels now :)

Another yarn that she dyed is merino and silk, in a wine colour, she named ' quit yurt wining'. I choose this yarn to knit a project that has been on my wish list for awhile 'dragonfly wings'.

I even added a few beads in the border :)

The snow has to be useful for something, so thought I would get the photos before it disappears in the next few weeks (I hope). I know I have some spots of light on my photo, but I have been playing with inks and paper to get this effect and find it humourous that it has shown up unintended in my photo ;)