Studio J from Close to my Heart

I never thought I would get satisfaction from digital scrapbooking.  I love working with computers, when they work, but they can be very frustrating to learn something new on.  So it was with some hesitation that I signed up for a membership to a year of digital scrapbooking with Studio J from Close to my Heart.  I wish now I had more time to play on it!  I love the results and the many options that you have since it is all online and you can make changes and on and on.... lots of videos on youtube for ideas and tips on using the program that is SUPER EASY to use.  So without further chatter I thought I would share a few of my most recent layouts, I make them, order them and they are printed in exceptional quality with page protectors for my albums.  I also get the jpg files to keep for future projects.
and last but not least some shots I took of the storm clouds from two separate storms and the two double rainbows we had on August 21 here in Ontario.